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A Dancer, Fashion Designer, Make-up Artist, Wedding Planner, an eclectic artist at heart. More than 15 years of teaching experience in the Performing & Fine Arts, a couple of years in the preschool sector, a lifetime of thinking out of the box, having fun and going with the flow.

A homeschooling parent, who believes that children are naturally self-directed learners, and are born with talents (gifts) that are waiting to be uncovered.

"While homeschooling my children, I started to include my neighbourhood children into my home. We had "art and hang out sessions". I learnt a lot through the conversations and moments that we had. I saw the benefits of holistic child-led education and learning through play. I saw the importance of giving children the space to "bloom at their own time".

I want to share this discovery; the joy, freedom and excitement of this experience, with a wider group of people. I want to help children who are "falling through the cracks" and "do not fit in". I want to help parents gain confidence and have faith in their children. To trust the process.

My middle child Jeena is dyslexic, gifted in art and has shown a keen interest in entrepreneurship. She dreams of opening up a store. Her aspirations strongly motivated me to finally open up this studio. This space is my gift to her. I hope this studio will be a source of inspiration to her and everyone who enters this space. May the studio spark more conversations and create more friendships! May your light shine!


Sangeetha Kannakasabai

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Connect with Self

Balance the Heart & Brain

Learn to Follow your Intuition


Problem solving

Out of Box Thinking



Go Local

Create Circular Economies


Express and Communicate Ideas effectively


Create Human Connections

Build Communities

Come Together

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To provide a nurturing space filled with love, acceptance and inclusiveness, for both the children and the parents.

To encourage out-of-box thinking and help children discover their inner gifts, through art and friendship.

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